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Who am i?

I am a professional storyteller.  But I have a long way to go; I'm working hard to become a great storyteller.  It's what I do every day and that, I hope, will be my legacy.

My daily work ethic is driven by self-awareness. I am aware that I need to work hard to be capable of being a great storyteller. I mostly feel grateful that I work in a craft that relies on the privilege and responsibility of the act of empathy.

I have experienced this working on Shakespeare Republic as Edmund from King Lear.  Framed as a villain, I came to understand the vulnerability of someone at risk of an uncertain future in a world where the first born inherits all and where being a bastard meant you were lowly or base.  

Questioning birthright and challenging social status - when you know that both your mind and heart are worthy, would you not deserve the chance to fulfil your own destiny?  This question was at the core of Edmund    

Through my work performing at the bedsides of children in hospitals across Australia, I have the chance to create laughter and touch hearts in some of the most vulnerable people.  The key is to recognise what is working and what isn't and to remain authentic–a child is both joyful in a world of imaginative play and fantasy and critical of inauthenticity. Sometimes it inspires the simple act of inventing a song, inventing a story with them as the hero or a naive clown who needs to be taught how the world works, but in all cases, the world must be transformed into an imaginative and playful place. 

Empathy helps the world experience oneness; the connection we have to each other. It's real and great movements in history have been based on knowing this. Professional acting takes time, diligent analysis, physical and vocal work et alia for the love of understanding.

I come from humble beginnings: I lived and explored the caravan park as a kid believing I was a great adventurer, I disguised myself to pretend I was wealthy to attend a finishing school and made sure my dog knew she was my best friend. That same kid grew up and explored dance, trail riding, scuba, islands, love, heart break, adventure, hardship, elevation, painting, music, poetry, literature and all out of curiosity. Living life with all of my senses - that makes me the person I am today and the actor that I am.  There is no separation.


Those four words were taught to me by Mr Coury.  Therein lies ownership of all of who you are: "I am my voice".  Self-awareness.  Being able to look yourself in the mirror and accept who you truly are; the light, the dark, the unexplored.  To be willing to be challenged and to know that what you speak , how you speak it and why you speak it is who you are in that moment.   That means you have responsibility to yourself In the moments when no one is watching as well as when they are. 

At my soul's core, I am a lover of heart. It is what shakes me to my core.  Whether it be within myself or within others, I recognise it keenly. To have heart is to have the will necessary to strive for an impossible star.  My north star is similar to these words spoken: 


"I come in a world of iron to make a world of gold" - Miguel de Cervantes as Don Quixote


Story must be honoured in order to be told and the heart of a storyteller makes the actor who has the will to tell it.  Thats is why each of us is unique.  I say "us" very pointedly.  Collectively, we share stories and ideas and lessons learned.  I am not alone in this craft.  There is oneness with each actor and each crew member in the craft.  I am simply one piece in one very large field of dreams.

I am standing on the shoulders of great teachers. Nothing I have ever done has been without those who've taught me humility. Life teaches, yes, but there is a quality to learning from those wiser than us.  If I am to gain wisdom I will first need to listen. Listening is what led me to the Howard Fine Acting Studio: a place where acting is a Mastery of Craft, where you work diligently with your whole being to find authentic connection within the given circumstances.  Studying there full time is the reason I have begun a professional career in acting. 

I have zero expectations about succeeding in this world. Each time I say it, I have to let that sink in.  What I mean by that is, I work hard but without expectation.  I work hard because I love it: I want to understand your story and I want my instrument to be played on.  The days where there is a story in my hand are the days that all of who I am arrives to serve it.  But that can only happen because of the work ethic and playground I have developed.

Legacy. That word is the reason why you're reading these words from my heart, here at the beginning, and not a list of credits.  I truly believe you will know more about me through my voice in these words written with you in mind.  I am an actor, lovingly so, and I speak highly of it because I and my beloved craft both come in this world of iron to make a world of gold.


If you have read this far, thank you for your time.


"Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy law my services are bound." Meet Shakespeare Republic's "Edmund", played by Falon Ryan, as she wrests with the complexities of the word "legitimate" as a woman looking for her place in a male-dominated world. "Now, gods, stand up for bastards!" Shakespeare Republic: celebrating the brilliance of the Bard Directed, Adapted & Edited by Sally McLean Written by William Shakespeare Produced by Sally McLean, Billy Smedley, Shane Savage and Perri Cummings Cinematography by Shaun Herbertson Sound Recording Design & Editing by Tim McCormick Camera Assistant: Bashir Towdiee Unit Management by Marg Woodlock McLean Make Up by Armanda Pozzetto Unit Assistant: Taylah McLean Music by Jordan Ross Painting by Falon Ryan Filmed on location at St Catherine's School, Toorak, Victoria The Producers would like to acknowledge our sponsors: The Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne and Mr Moto and all our donors and backers who made Season Two possible. Shakespeare Republic is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH and auspiced by Auspicous Arts Projects Inc. More information: www.shakespearerepublic.com




As actor

2017   WS    Edmund, Shakespeare Republic Episode 02: Edmund  / Incognita Enterprises, Sally McLean

Link to Shakespeare Republic, Season 02, Episode Two: Edmund

2017   WS    Edmund,  Shakespeare Republic Episode 08: Jaques  / Incognita Enterprises, Sally McLean

2017   WS    Edmund,  Shakespeare Republic Episode 09: Cleopatra  / Incognita Enterprises, Sally McLean

voice over

For Voice Over, you can also get in touch with RISK Sound Studios and request me.

2018   VO  Voice Over,  Dermedique / Commercial / Freelance

2016   VO  Voice Over,  Go Home On Time Day / Atticus Media / Danielle Karalus


2017   MC  Brooke Wyeth, Other Desert Cities Jon Robin-Baitz / HFAS / Howard Fine & David Coury

2017   MC  Ellen Van Oss, Two Rooms Lee Blessing / HFAS / Howard Fine

2016   MC   Jessie Cates,  Night, Mother Marsha Norman / HFAS / Howard Fine 

2016   MC   Olivia,  Twelfth Night William Shakespeare / HFAS / Stephen Costan & Marilyn McIntyre

Scene study

2018   SS    Joan of Arc/Joan La Purcelle,   Henry VI  William Shakespeare / HFAS Australia with Incognita Enterprises / Sally McLean

2017   SS    Various Graham Shiels Studios Los Angeles  / Graham Shiels

2017   SS    Diana,    Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You  Christopher Durang / HFAS Los Angeles / Howard Fine

2016   SS    Steffy Blondell,    I Ought To Be In Pictures  Neil Simon / HFAS / Marilyn McIntyre

2016   SS    Lynette,    Anything For You  Cathy Celesia / HFAS / Sarah Hallam, Shane Savage

2016   SS    Murk, Savage In Limbo  John Patrick Shanley / HFAS / Sarah Hallam, Shane Savage

2016   SS    Jessica Titan,  Three Years From Thirty  Mike O’Malley / HFAS / Marilyn McIntyre

2016   SS    Marquise de Merteuil,  Les Liaisons Dangereuses  Christopher Hampton / HFAS / Sarah Hallam

2015  SS   Florence Ungar,    The Female Odd Couple  Neil Simon / HFAS / Shane Savage

2015  SS     Olive Madison,  The Female Odd Couple      Neil Simon / HFAS / Howard Fine

2015 SS   Izzy, Rabbit Hole  David Lindsay-Abaire / HFAS / Marilyn McIntyre

2015 O  Dorothy (Online Class) Featured in Office Hours,  “Skype w Falon” / Masterclass.com / Dustin Hoffman

2015, ST Alexandra (Lead), Escape of the Werewolf Philip Scott / Trunk Entertainment / Alistair Marks


AS Director

2016   ST    (Director)  The Annual Ball: The Hall, The Ball, The Gown & the Music  Dorothy Nicol, OpenActive



Music | Singing, Guitar (Basic), Ukulele (Intermediate)

Visual Art | Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Photography, Calligraphy.

Dance | Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Ballroom Tango, Argentine Tango, Cuban Salsa, LA Style Salsa, Merengue, Lambada, Zouk, Samba, Cha-Cha, Rhumba. Victorian Dance (period. 1837-1900s)

Adventure | PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Licence, Flat Water Kayaking, Flat Water Canoeing, Abseiling, Rock-climbing, Bush Navigation, Survival Skills, First Aid.

Vehicle Licences | Open Class Driver's Licence, Marine Licence, Jetski Licence, RE Class Motorcycle Licence. 

Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver


Specialties: Deep Diver, Drift Diver, Equipment Specialist, Wreck Diver, Underwater Navigator, Boat Diver, Cavern Diver, Night Diver

painting small.png


Oil on canvas

Don Quixote Sees A Castle (Acrylic on Canvas)

don quixote sees a castle

Acrylic on canvas

9ft wide x 6ft tall (3m wide x 2m tall)


Shakespeare Republic Webseries

Created, adapted and directed by Australian actor, Sally McLean and produced by Incognita EnterprisesShakespeare Republic is an internationally award-winning web series currently in its second season that celebrates not just the world’s greatest playwright, but also his insightful understanding of the big issues of his time. Insights that still hold relevance today and form the basis for a truly diverse, inventive and epic journey into the nature of being human.

 Some of the  @shakespearerepublic  cast celebrate, "Best Ensemble" award from Bilbao Seriesland in Spain.

Some of the @shakespearerepublic cast celebrate, "Best Ensemble" award from Bilbao Seriesland in Spain.


Los Angeles StudioAustralian Studio

Howard Fine Graduate of the Full Time Professional Acting program


Captain Starlight

As a Captain, I travel to the bedside of children in hospitals across Australia to perform in order to lift their spirits and remind them that their illness does not define them.  Also, I have represented the Starlight Children's Foundation as a speaker engaging with CEOs to encourage investment in what we do and, as part of the Wish Granting process, delivering  an extraordinary dance experience to an extraordinary young man.


In 2015, 10 weeks into my Acting Course, I submitted a scene from Jerry Maguire to Masterclass.com.  This was noticed by Dustin Hoffman who was kind enough to call me in Australia and discuss my work.  His intelligence, humour, insight and kindness have guided me since.

I saw an intelligence and an energy and very important I think, an inherent sense of humour.
— Dustin Hoffman
"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players ..." Meet Shakespeare Republic's "Jaques" played by Alan Fletcher as he discovers that being the life of the party isn't always as easy as it appears. "... one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages." Shakespeare Republic: celebrating the brilliance of the Bard Featuring: Falon Ryan as “Edmund” Billy Smedley as “Henry V” Jahran Schansemma as “Pub Patron #1” Troy Malcolm as “Pub Patron #2” Directed & Adapted by Sally McLean  Written by William Shakespeare  Produced by Sally McLean, Billy Smedley, Shane Savage & Perri Cummings  Executive Producer: Robina Bamforth  Associate Producer: Stephen Francis Wyley  Director Of Photography: Shaun Herbertson  Edited by Sally McLean & Thanassi Panagiotaras   Sound Operator, Editing & Design by Tim McCormick  Digital Colourist & VFX: Thanassi Panagiotaras  Music Composer Jordan Ross  Camera Assistant: Cassie de Colling  Make Up by Jo Fletcher Unit Production Manager Marg Woodlock-McLean Filmed on location at The Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne, Victoria The Producers would like to acknowledge our sponsors: The Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne and Mr Moto and all our donors and backers who made Season Two possible. Shakespeare Republic is supported by the Australian Cultural Fund, Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH and auspiced by Auspicous Arts Projects Inc. More at http://www.shakespearerepublic.com




Sometimes, Music I create will appear on Anchor

This is the latest from my instagram account.  I am documenting my experiences, thoughts and creations as well as sharing posts from work.  I hope you find something in these personal moments that bring you value.  We are the first generation able to document our experiences and struggles with the generations to come.  I hope my great great great grand daughter sees these and realises that her struggles and experiences are still moments of beauty in this storm. 

For Commercial and Audiobook voice over performance, I can be requested for recording through RISK Sound Studio in Port Melbourne, Victoria.