Falon ryan

Who am i?

I am an Actress.  That's all I do. 

I am developing an expertise in exploring and discovering the human condition.  I have a long way to go, but I'm working hard for it.

When I joined the ensemble cast of Shakespeare Republic as Edmund from King Lear, I observed that legacy was key to creating meaningful stories. Storytelling is what I do every day because I love it. I love working for the story.

My work ethic is driven by passion and self-awareness.  I love the work because I'm thankful that I work in a craft that focuses on be more and more empathetic every time we work. It's nice to see that happening when I work on scripts of while performing at the bedsides of children in hospitals around Victoria. 

I work every day in the craft, whether I have a job, or not - there is no other choice.  Finding the core of another human being's beliefs and thought process thrills me – even when it's painful. 

I have lots of my own stories to share, I'm a kid who grew up in a caravan park; disguised myself so I could sneak into a church-operated finishing school on weekends and collected abandoned softballs for my dog who was my best friend.  

My mother, worked hard and taught me humility and self-esteem.  

I discovered I had some emotional intelligence and natural artistry and so after many years of experimenting with life, I found Acting; this blood and sweat land of understanding and deeply caring about people. 

What I'm about

I am building my legacy. I am my voice. The Story is where I begin. I've learned that story is king and Story tellers serve that story.

Standing on the shoulders of the people I have worked with makes me feel very tall. Nothing I have ever done has been without those who've taught me humility. This work is never finished. I took that lesson in. 

"Find that thing that you love and become tunnel visioned"
My singular focus was invested into the Full Time Professional Acting at the Howard Fine Acting Studio in 2015. I read, Fine On Acting - A Vision of the Craft and recognised the technique focused on finding freedom by seeking mastery in your craft. I recognise that I have to build a world of artistry that focuses on understanding the human condition. Being specific, having integrity and authentically investing in the work.

I have zero expectations about succeeding in this world. What I mean by that is, I work hard but not for the result of 'making it'. I work hard for the result of 'understanding people' and storytelling. I work hard but not on the condition that I am going to get a job. That's why you're reading words from my heart right now and not a classic 'Acting Bio' listing achievements and credits. Most of the time, I'm in my house; it's early; it's dark; it's cold; and I'm working like a detective to figure out what has influenced the life of the person I'm exploring, what is the rhythm of their body? The sound of their voice? Playing. I play to understand. And at our essence, I believe all people want to be understood. I love it and I also respect that I may not be right for every role but that won't be because I didn't prepare or explore or play enough. It will simply be, that this story needs a different actor. But the day that role comes, all of who I am, will serve it. 

In essence, I focus on practising self-awareness and humility while I work every day towards my legacy. I play to serve.





As actor

2017   WS    Lead:  Edmund, Shakespeare Republic Episode 02: Edmund  / Incognita Enterprises, Sally McLean

2017   WS    Ensemble Cast: Edmund,  Shakespeare Republic Episode 08: Jaques  / Incognita Enterprises, Sally McLean

2017   WS    Ensemble Cast: Edmund,  Shakespeare Republic Episode 09: Cleopatra  / Incognita Enterprises, Sally McLean

voice over

2016   VO  Voice Over,  Go Home On Time Day / Atticus Media / Danielle Karalus


2017   MC  Brooke Wyeth, Other Desert Cities Jon Robin-Baitz / HFAS / Howard Fine

2017   MC  Ellen Van Oss, Two Rooms Lee Blessing / HFAS / Howard Fine

2016   MC   Jessie Cates,  Night, Mother Marsha Norman / HFAS / Howard Fine 

2016   MC   Olivia,  Twelfth Night William Shakespeare / HFAS / Stephen Costan & Marilyn McIntyre

2016   SS    Steffy Blondell,    I Ought To Be In Pictures  Neil Simon / HFAS / Marilyn McIntyre

Scene study

2016   SS    Lynette,    Anything For You  Cathy Celesia / HFAS / Sarah Hallam, Shane Savage

2016   SS    Murk, Savage In Limbo  John Patrick Shanley / HFAS / Sarah Hallam, Shane Savage

2016   SS    Jessica Titan,  Three Years From Thirty  Mike O’Malley / HFAS / Marilyn McIntyre

2016   SS    Marquise de Merteuil,  Les Liaisons Dangereuses  Christopher Hampton / HFAS / Sarah Hallam

2015  SS   Florence Ungar,    The Female Odd Couple  Neil Simon / HFAS / Shane Savage

2015  SS     Olive Madison,  The Female Odd Couple      Neil Simon / HFAS / Howard Fine

2015 SS   Izzy, Rabbit Hole  David Lindsay-Abaire / HFAS / Marilyn McIntyre

2015 O  Dorothy (Online Class) Featured in Office Hours,  “Skype w Falon” / Masterclass.com / Dustin Hoffman

2015, ST Alexandra (Lead), Escape of the Werewolf Philip Scott / Trunk Entertainment / Alistair Marks


AS Director

2016   ST    (Director)  The Annual Ball: The Hall, The Ball, The Gown & the Music  Dorothy Nicol, OpenActive


Shakespeare Republic Webseries

Created, adapted and directed by Australian actor, Sally McLean and produced by Incognita EnterprisesShakespeare Republic is an internationally award-winning web series currently in its second season that celebrates not just the world’s greatest playwright, but also his insightful understanding of the big issues of his time. Insights that still hold relevance today and form the basis for a truly diverse, inventive and epic journey into the nature of being human.

Some of the @shakespearerepublic cast celebrate, "Best Ensemble" award from Bilbao Seriesland in Spain.

Some of the @shakespearerepublic cast celebrate, "Best Ensemble" award from Bilbao Seriesland in Spain.


Los Angeles StudioAustralian Studio

Howard Fine Graduate of the Full Time Professional Acting program


Captain Starlight

Medical treatment is only part of the picture when it comes to the wellbeing of a seriously ill child. While health professionals focus on treating illness, Captain Starlight is the super hero who captures a sick kid's imagination and creates a healing environment filled with entertainment, fun, laughter and joy.


In 2015, 10 weeks into my Acting Course, I submitted a scene from Jerry Maguire to Masterclass.com.  This was noticed by Dustin Hoffman who was kind enough to call me in Australia and discuss my work.  His intelligence, humour, insight and kindness have guided me since.

I saw an intelligence and an energy and very important I think, an inherent sense of humour.
— Dustin Hoffman